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Who we are

As part of the REWE Group, we identify with the company’s shared mission, objectives and core values. This mission statement reinforces the cohesion of all parts of the company and all employees, whether they are IT professionals, marketing specialists or branch employees.

Our mission: Together for a better life

As a subsidiary of the REWE Group, we benefit from the mission of the entire “Together for a Better Life” group. The Group’s cooperative roots, which date back to 1927, are important to our own image. The same goes for the community of around 330,000 employees worldwide – together we shape the company’s success. The strong international network of the REWE Group is characterized by diversity and innovation: together we find suitable solutions for our customers every day that make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Our goal: To achieve the best

The long-term goal – the REWE Group’s vision – is: “Best performance – for customers, dealers, employees”. That is why we are looking for people who, like us, have the right to always give the best of themselves and are not content with mediocrity. In return, you benefit from the many services that the REWE Group offers its employees.

REWE Systems Spain

Our Core Values: What’s important to us

We align our actions and our cooperation with the six core corporate values of the REWE Group:

  • We act under our own responsibility and for the community.
  • We act for the customer – we are in the market!
  • We value new things, stagnation is regression.
  • We treat each other openly, with trust and respect. Our word is our bond.
  • We fight for the best solution, make thoughtful decisions and act consistently.
  • We are aware of our responsibility and act in a sustainable manner.

Where we are

The heart of REWE digital beats in Cologne: from there we operate our computer centre and our main business areas: systems operation, development, commercial systems, SAP and central services. Employees in all other locations are also concerned with point of sale systems, computers and networks in markets, warehouses and regional locations.

Recently, our company has grown by opening a new branch in Malaga, Spain, which will give reinforcement and expansion opportunities to the entire team. Located in the CITIC building of the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía has a young team, enthusiastic about learning and with future projection in the company.

Day and night in our facilities, we make sure that all the computer systems of the REWE Group work without problems. For this we need one thing above all: committed and motivated employees with a great deal of IT knowledge. Around 1,000 employees take care of the complex system environment and support their IT colleagues.

Oficina de REWE en CITIC PTA

A strong team in a strong community.

REWE digital is characterized by a pleasant working environment and flat hierarchies. With us you will find the freedom for your ideas and experience teamwork day after day. Like the security of a strong community, the REWE Group

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